The Loft Conversion a Financial Investment for the Future

The demise of our economy is creating job cuts, increased taxes and much more and is going to get worse before it gets better. This is making people uneasy regarding their financial future and searching for ways in which to invest for a better future. Bricks and mortar have always been a safe and secure […]

Make Money and Space with Attic Conversions

Nearly every household has an attic, but only a fraction of them use that abundance of extra space to its true potential. Why use your attic to store old junk you’re never going to use again when attic conversions can add an extra room to your home and add significant value to the market value […]

Loft Conversions – Using Additional Space You Already Own

When you need more space within your home, your options are limited. You can move or add an extension, but both are expensive and stressful options; neither one is a quick solution to the problem. The third, and highly popular solution, is to locate the hidden and inaccessible parts of your home, and bring them […]

Creating great loft conversions for many London Residents.

With the steady increase in the value of many London properties once more, a high number of residents looking to capitalise on a forthcoming sale of their home have and still are considering loft conversions. Depending on the type of property, its location and the overall size, adding a loft conversion can really have a […]

Get that extra space you require with a loft conversion.

Do you require more space in your home? But yet you don’t want the hassle of moving home? The easiest way to get that extra space is to make use of the space in your loft and to have it converted. At County Lofts we are specialists in loft conversions and have carried out many […]

Many people have increased the living space of their home and are more than happy with the results.

If you are planning on having more children and want to have more space in your home but don’t want to move out get that space turned into something useful. You can create a nice nursery or playroom for the new addition to your family. Loft conversion London can help with that and create a […]

A cost effective way to make use of the space in your home.

When it comes to needing more space in your home many people look to move home however with so few homes on the market people are now looking at ways where they can get the space they need without moving home. One of the more popular ways to add space to your home is with […]

Loft conversions are great way to increase the living space of your home.

Loft conversions not only increasing the value of your house significantly but turns an unused space such as an attic into a stylish new living space. Loft Conversions London provides quality loft conversion at a price that is right for you. Making an unattractive unused space a luxurious and chic room can be such a […]

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